Terms and Conditions

Resource phuket24.online It is an information platform where owners, agents, property managers have the opportunity to post information about real estate objects, users receive information about these real estate objects.

The resource administration does NOT bear any legal responsibility for transactions concluded during the exchange of information between site visitors and site users who posted ads, except for the cases provided for by the signing of separate agreements providing for any responsibility of the site administration.

At the same time, the Administration, by all available means, counteracts any schemes / attempts to deceive, violations of the current legislation of the Kingdom of Thailand.

Registration on the resource entails acceptance of all the rules listed below.

If you consider these rules to be inconsistent with your interests, views, life position, religious beliefs, etc. please refrain from using the web resource – phuket24.online

The currency of settlements on the resource is the Thai Baht.

The user is highly recommended to leave real and up-to-date information about himself and methods of communication, otherwise it may be regarded by the Site Administration as an attempt of fraudulent actions, the Resource Administration undertakes to comply with the generally accepted Privacy Policy – phuket24.online/privacy-policy – a link as part of working with personal data of users.

Each registered user, regardless of his purpose of visiting, is automatically given the right to post information about his property for free as part of a free subscription – details at the link – PUBLIC AGENCY AGREEMENT (OFFER) – phuket24.online/offer .

– A free subscription involves the signing of an agency agreement of a public offer, in the event that you are a seller and / or lessor, the text of the agreement can be found at the link – PUBLIC AGENCY AGREEMENT (OFFER) – phuket24.online/offer. All objects placed as part of a free subscription are subject to preliminary moderation (up to 24 hours on business days) by the resource Administration. If you use the resource to search for information about the purchase and / or rental of real estate, in any case, you have the potential to become a landlord and / or seller in the future.

– The agency agreement provides for a remuneration towards the administration of the resource for objects put up for rent in the amount of 10.4% of the cost of the contract for rent, for objects put up for sale 5.1% of the cost of the object.

– In the case of purchasing paid packages for posting information on the resource, the acquirer receives full control over his property, has the right to indicate his direct contact details, no agency agreements are concluded. In this case, the contract for the provision of information services comes into force – link – INFORMATION SERVICES – OFFER – phuket24.online/contract-offer

– For all types of users, it is unacceptable to post content that violates the current legislation of the Kingdom of Thailand. Content of a sexual nature, offensive content, content that incites ethnic/ethnic/gender any other hatred, provocative content, content of a political nature. The user who did this for the first time will be warned, the content will be deleted, repeated violation leads to a complete blocking of the account, deletion of all user content. The resource administration actively detects and counteracts any attempts of fraudulent actions using the resource, any such cases identified will be immediately suppressed by blocking accounts and deleting all content, all information on participants in such schemes will be transferred to the Royal Thai Police.

– Refunds for unused days of paid tariffs are not made.

Any disputes are primarily resolved through negotiations between the parties. If it is not possible to reach a settlement through negotiations, the relevant companies and state authorities will be involved.

The administration of the resource has the right to unilaterally amend these rules. Notifications about changes in the rules are received exclusively by users who have legal relations with the Administration of the resource.

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