Public agency agreement (offer)

This Agreement, which is a public agency agreement, governs the relationship between the owner of the site – PHUKET 24 ONLINE CO., LTD. 96/7 Moo 7, Soi Saiyuan, Rawai, Phuket, 83130 and site visitors with the goal of renting and/or sell the property, or rent and/or buy the property.

PHUKET 24 ONLINE CO., LTD., as well as its website with the real estate placement system, does not independently provide services for renting and / or selling housing, and is not a subject of the law governing these relations, providing only intermediary rental services and/or sale of real estate for a fee. All contracts for the lease and / or sale of real estate objects are concluded by the site user directly with persons and / or companies owning and / or managing real estate objects.

Terms used in this Agreement

PHUKET 24 ONLINE CO., LTD., is the Agent under this agreement.

Site Visitor – is a User
The User who placed the property on a free basis is the Owner of the property.
Property object: private house, cottage, apartment, room in an apartment, hotel room, boarding house, guest house, land plot, commercial premises, apartment, condominium.
Fill out an application – an electronic form or by clicking on the contact button on the website, to be filled in by the User in order to identify his needs and wishes for the selected property.
Owner of a real estate object – individuals and legal entities that have the rights to dispose of residential premises presented for rent and / or sale on the website
Active actions – any filling and sending of forms, clicking on the contact buttons, viewing detailed cards of real estate objects, clicking the “agree” button in the pop-up window, marking the corresponding field when sending the contact form.
Agreement – aka Public Agency Agreement.
Basic terms of the Agreement
Under the terms of this agreement, the Agent is obliged to search for buyers / tenants for real estate. At the same time, the Agent undertakes to perform a set of actions aimed at finding a buyer/tenant suitable for the requirements of the Owner of a real estate object.
The remuneration is paid by the Owner of a real estate object, to the Agent after the conclusion of the contract for rent/purchase of housing between the User and the Owner of a real estate object.
The Agent‘s remuneration is 10.4% of the contract amount in real estate lease transactions.
The remuneration to the Agent is 5.1% of the contract amount in transactions for the sale of real estate. The owner of the real estate object is obliged to pay remuneration to the Agent no later than 24 hours from the moment of signing the contract with the User and receiving funds from the User. Payment is made by any means convenient for the parties. Payments are made in currency – Thai Baht.
In the event that an agreement is concluded between the Agent and the Owner of a real estate object for the provision of information services, the Owner of a real estate object is exempt from the provisions of this agreement regarding the payment of interest to the Agent, in this case, the remuneration to the Agent for any type of transactions is 0%.
Rights and obligations of the parties
Agent Responsibilities:
– Search for buyers and tenants that meet the requirements of the Owner of a real estate object.
– Informing the Owner of a real estate object about all suitable options.
Responsibilities of Owner of a real estate object:
 – Providing the Agent with all the necessary reliable information on the property.
 – Maintaining contact with the Agent, timely explanation of all issues arising in the course of work.
– Payment of commission to the Agent
User Responsibilities:
 – Providing the Agent with reliable and up-to-date information about himself and methods of communication.
Signing of this Agreement
Owner of a real estate object, the User expresses his full consent to the terms of this Agreement when performing any active actions on the site

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